I think I have discovered the flaw in this blog plan.  I have spent the last couple of days trying to figure out what is blog-worthy!  I’m not sure I can handle this added stress in my life.

I am wondering what the focus of this blog should be.  I am interested in many eclectic things:  beading, quilting, reading, gardening (not as much as I used to be), ethnic food, knitting, scrapbooking, photography, poetry, all kinds of MUSIC (of course!), kayaking, camping, hiking, sewing, coffee, health issues, spiritual  insights, rocks (I can not walk on a beach without picking up rocks!) .  That isn’t even all my interests!  No wonder I’m confused.

I have friends that are facing terrible grief and sorrow.  My heart is aching for two of my quilting friends.   Both have been married for many, many years.  One husband had a life altering stroke and lost the use of his right side.  The other friend found her husband dead on the floor Wednesday morning.  He died of a massive heart attack sometime during the night.

I have friends who are seriously ill, facing or recovering from surgery, unhappy in their jobs, or who are unemployed.

In the face of all of that it is hard to justify ranting about driving through the snow or telling a random story about a long ago camping trip tornado scare.

(There is actually more than ONE camping trip tornado scare story!  I will tell them sometime in the future.  I promise.)

I think the problem is that I have so many things running through my mind this week.  Here is a list of things I’m working on this week —

1.  I finished a quilt binding and hope to get it hanging on a wall ASAP.  I bought a curtain rod that is long enough and hopefully it will work.  I need to attach a hanging sleeve and get the rod installed (hopefully level!).  The theme fabric in the quilt is a set of fat quarters I purchased at one of the very first years of the Chicago quilt show.  How many years ago was that?

orange batik background quilted with fuschia thread in fabulous feathers
Orange batik background quilted with fuschia thread in fabulous feathers.

2.  I bought a table for my sewing machine and am planning to create a workspace that is actually usable for sewing.  To accomplish this I need to get rid of the futon and find a place to store the marvelous wooden blocks that have lived under the futon since Benjamin was about 2 or 3.  I’m kind of afraid to check for dust bunnies under there…  My current “sewing area” is in the laundry/pantry/recycling/storage room.  I would post a picture but then the film crew from Hoarders would show up on my doorstep.

sewing table
sewing table

3.  I have the urge to knit again.  I ordered some yarn online (a while ago now) and found a free pattern on pinterest.  I discovered that I can not find any of the knitting paraphernalia that I own.  I searched around town for size 13 circular needles.  I finally found some at Hobby Lobby (and had a 40% off coupon).  They are lovely bamboo needles and I can hardly wait to use them.  Now if I can just find that yarn….


found it!

4.  I have had the urge to bead, too.  I actually remembered how to make brick stitch earrings (using seed beads and a beading needle and thread) after more than 20 years!  I met a new friend at a recent quilt retreat who inspired me to try doing this again.  I made a pair of red/gold/brown earrings to go with a lovely necklace that I got on sale at Kohl’s (already on clearance and I had an extra 20% off!).  I started making a second pair but then ran out of the bronze/brownish seed beads as I was about two strings short of finishing the fringe on the second pair.  I now need to find some seed bead or start over.

These are not the beads I was talking about, but some I just got on Monday.  Another new project waiting to happen!
These are not the beads I was talking about, but some I just got on Monday. Another new project waiting to happen!

5.  I have been practicing music to create a CD for one of my cousins.  After she heard me play piano at my Dad’s funeral last February, she asked if I had a CD of me playing.  I said no and laughed.  I offered to make one, though.  I forgot about it for at least six months then she reminded me.  I was busy this fall (hah!) and finally got around to choosing music and practicing over Christmas break.  I just borrowed a recording device from a friend.  Now I just have to get the music completely learned and then record it.

Stack of music I've chosen for my piano CD.
Stack of music I’ve chosen for my piano CD.

6.  I have a quilting date next week!  I have three completed quilt tops.  I have appointments with my quilter (Quilthyme) for two of them.  I have a backing picked out for one, but need to sew one seam to make the backing large enough.  I need to find (or buy) fabric to go on the back of one of the other tops.  I need get to the quilt store to choose the thread and the quilting patterns for quilter (which I enjoy doing but am having trouble making the time to do!)

top and backing ready to go to the quilter!
Quilt top and backing ready to go to the quilter!

7.  I am still planning music for my church choir.  We changed our plans from having a Holy Week cantata to having a Pentecost Cantata.  UWP spring break falls during Holy Week between Palm Sunday and Easter, so we would be missing several members AND our accompanist.  I couldn’t figure out a way around all of those issues, so we came up with this idea of doing it later in the spring.  Now I have to create the cantata (which I will enjoy doing, but it will take hours and hours).  I already spent hours and hours creating the Holy Week cantata.  Now I need to revise our whole semester schedule.  C’est la vie.

8.  I need to learn all the music for Singing Pioneers’ upcoming tour.  It is in just a couple of weeks and there is a lot of new music to learn in a short time.

I need to learn all this now!
I need to learn all this now!

Other things I’m thinking about are:  planning a possible major trip for our family this summer, getting the oil changed in both of the newer cars, dealing with school registration for both our children, getting organized for solo/ensemble accompanying, doing household stuff (the usual — laundry, groceries, cooking, cleaning), possibly adopting a new kitten, working through several major ongoing family events and issues.  There is probably more, but I already feel like running upstairs to hide under the covers.

I’ll keep you posted.


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I am a pianist, musician, music teacher, choir director, mother, wife, daughter, sister, cousin, sister-in-law, friend, neighbor. I enjoy music (of course!), quilting, sewing, beading, traveling, kayaking, camping, biking, hiking, gardening, knitting, scrapbooking, cooking, reading, poetry, drinking good coffee, and having fun with family and friends. NOTE -- Creative Commons License: All work of The Tromp Queen (quirkyjazz, aka Jill) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 Unported License.

8 thoughts on “Blog-worthy?”

  1. oooooooooooohhhhh me too! me too! I want a CD! I am amazed by all the talents you have. Don’t let your blog be a source of stress. It doesn’t need to be on a “to do” list. Let the writing be like therapy. I don’t want you to feel like every entry has to entertain. You are a good writer and we are blessed that you are open and honest and funny! Thanks for sharing.

  2. The beauty about a blog is that it’s YOURS and you can post ANYTHING you want on it! If someone isn’t interested in something you post, oh well! Like Phoebe was saying, a blog is a journey for yourself, not something to be fussed over. I think you’re off to a marvelous start. 🙂

    P.S. *hint, hint, wink, wink, cough, cough* I think it’d be fabulous to have a copy of the Jill cd!

  3. You remind me of me. Unfortunately, I don’t have any good advice. Maybe this is good: Don’t treat your blog like one of your projects that you are trying to get just right and accomplish/finish.
    The first reason for this is that, yes, it will then cause you added stress.
    The second is that a blog is not something that you “finish.”
    Maybe think of it more like a journey? (rather than a destination)
    Describe the points of interest along the way, but leave out the drool as you fall asleep.

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