The Tromp Queen

Why is my blog called “The Tromp Queen?”
My facebook status from Jan 31 tells the whole story:
The Tromp Queen's boots
The Tromp Queen’s boots
This morning I couldn’t find my glasses or my music. After searching upstairs and out in the cars, I managed to find both. Then after getting in the car (5 degrees, windchill of who knows what but it must have been below zero) I discovered I had no keys. Tromped back into the house. Got the keys. Drove to the bank. Got nearly there and realized I had no purse. Back to the house. Tromped into the house again. Got my purse. Aarrgghhh. ¬†(14 people “liked” this.)
(the comments follow below…)
  • ¬†Me: ¬†The day went uphill from there, though. I helped a neighbor, had my book study group at Badger Brothers, had rehearsals with the choirs, then had a long lunch and meeting. Lots of good conversation, good friends, good music, good coffee and good food! ¬†(Two people liked this).
  • Janet: ¬†Been there — done that!
  • ¬†Me: ¬†At least the house wasn’t locked when I discovered I had no keys… (been there, done THAT!)
    (Two people liked this).
  • Emma:¬†I’ve been having an entire week like that so far, so when you mentioned it in choir, I was like, ” I know EXACTLY how you feel!” Glad it got better for ya, Jill!!! (One person liked this).
  • Me: ¬†I saw that look, Emma!¬†(One person liked this).
  • Linda: I love your status updates, Jill!¬†(One person liked this).
  • ¬†Me: I didn’t even explain how many times I stood in a room wondering WHAT I was looking for since I had looked for so many things already … ¬†(Three people liked this).
  • Me: I didn’t even get into the teen son stories for today, either. Definite “AAARRGGGHHH” territory there, too. (One person liked this).
  • Me: Windchill was 27 below. Just found that out.
  • ¬†Karen: You are lucky your didn’t lock the house with the keys safely inside. (Your neighbor) wasn’t home to rescue you and you would have been very chilly. ¬†(One person liked this).
  • Laura: Can always count on you for an interesting status update! ¬†(One person liked this).
  • Lori (sister): ¬†I hope you didn’t mail my “I can’t brain today. ¬†I have the dumb” t-shirt because it looks like you need to wear it today! ¬†Some days are like that, even in Australia. ¬†(note: ¬†my sister is a kindergarten teacher). ¬†(One person liked this).
  • Deb: I love the saying of all the things I have misplaced I miss my mind the most. ¬†(One person liked this).
  • Rachel: sorry!!! i sure hope your day got better from there!!! (One person liked this).
  • Thomas: ¬†Welcome to my brain (One person liked this).
  • Todd: ¬†Wait til you’re 60!!! ¬†(Two people liked this).
  • ¬†Cathy: ¬†I’ve had those days, they are enough to make you just climb right back in bed and pull the covers over your head. ¬†(One person liked this).
  • ¬†Ellen:¬†¬†The Queen of Tromp!!!
    (One person liked this).
  • Brenda: ¬† I have those moments too! Glad your day got better!
    (One person liked this).
  • Bert: ¬†I agree with Deb – “Of all the things I’ve ever lost, I seem to miss my mind the most!!!” ¬†(One person liked this).
  • Bonnie: ¬†we have all done this ¬†(One person liked this).
  • Bert:¬†¬†And you know it’s really bad when you’re looking for something, and you can “see” it plain as day in your “old” house – but don’t have a clue where it went in the “new” house! (One person liked this).
  • Me: ¬†Definitely been there, done that!
  • Lou: ¬†I knew there was a reason I liked you… ¬†(One person liked this).
“Of all the things I’ve ever lost,
I seem to miss my mind the most!!!”

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I am a pianist, musician, music teacher, choir director, mother, wife, daughter, sister, cousin, sister-in-law, friend, neighbor. I enjoy music (of course!), quilting, sewing, beading, traveling, kayaking, camping, biking, hiking, gardening, knitting, scrapbooking, cooking, reading, poetry, drinking good coffee, and having fun with family and friends. NOTE -- Creative Commons License: All work of The Tromp Queen (quirkyjazz, aka Jill) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 Unported License.

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