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MUSIC: 200603-200803 Listening History Graph
MUSIC: 200603-200803 Listening History Graph (Photo credit: Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL))

I’ve been trolling around the network looking for free (and legal!) downloadable music.  I have found some great stuff, so I thought I would share.

Trombone Shorty Tiny Desk Concert

On the NPR website there is an archive of Tiny Desk Concerts.  The premise seems to be that a group comes into the studio, gathers around  Bob Boilen’s desk, then they sing and play to their heart’s content while being recorded.  There is HD video available, but you can choose to watch in lower definition so the music doesn’t get choppy.  Each concert is about somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 minutes long.  The best news is that this is downloadable for free!  LOVE it!

There is also Heavy Rotation.

There are lists of 5 or 10 songs of rising and/or exceptionally interesting (mostly off-beat kind of stuff) music.  You can make a playlist to listen online or you can download each song — once again — for FREE!

Next is All Songs 24/7.
This plays “a mix of old favorites and new music from NPR’s All Songs Considered.”

All Songs Considered

Well, really there is a whole range of music streams to choose from here:

I’ll name just a few of the options:  Rap, Afropop, Latin rock, Celtic, Indie rock, Jazz (both emerging artists and classic streams), Folk, Bluegrass, New music, living composers, Classics (several options in this category!).  Whew!

Elsewhere, on Amazon I found some great free music, too.

This link will take you to free singles from “Artists on the Rise.”  Right now there are 12 singles listed on the page.

MTV Worldstage 2009
MTV Worldstage 2009 (Photo credit: Joe Zackry)

You can search Amazon for “free sampler album” in the mp3 store.  Several should pop up.  I especially like this one:
The Artist Sampler — Mishara & More

I also really enjoyed this Brazilian music album:

Brazil music Rodrigo Sá e Dinho Nascimento Ber...

If you taste is more mtv.cmt.vh1, there is a sampler for you!

This is the New MTV Logo. Similar to the origi...
MTV Logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Merge Records
Merge Records (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are many, many free sampler mp3 albums.  Some I’ve tried are from Merge, Allegro, Arts and Crafts, ATO, Ajunabeats, Bloodshot, Ebony Moments, Green Hill, Saddle Creek, Lullaby Tribe, Massage Tribe — lots of variety!!  And I will say it again, it is all FREE and it is all LEGAL.

Singer songwriter
Singer songwriter (Photo credit: The Bazddha)

Happy F R E E and legal listening!!  Please let me know of YOUR great free finds.


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