Quilt Block Bonanza

Jake Finch’s Wonky Star quilt block tutorialwonky star

Click here to get the pdf directions for making this block!

If you see this quilt block and think — WOW!  That looks great!

You might be a quilter.  If you aren’t already a quilter, you can become a quilter.

That’s right.  You heard me.  YOU can become a quilter!  If you have access to a sewing machine, know how to thread it and make it go, and can sew in a straight line — you CAN do this!  A few other supplies will make it much easier than anything our Grandmothers could ever have imagined:  a rotary cutter, a cutting mat, and at least one kind of plexiglass quilting ruler.  If you watch one of the quilting tutorials below, you will see these tools in action.

The quilting tutorials at the Missouri Star Quilt Co. are a great source for basic knowledge website.

This chevron quilt made from 10″ fabric squares is one of my recent favorites at this site.


If you don’t want to learn from a video tutorial, then look online or in the phone book for the closest Quilt Shop.  Ask around.  You won’t have to ask many people before you find a quilter.

Most quilt shops offer beginning quilt classes at least a couple of times a year.  Sign up and take a class!  You will not regret it.

Another source for interesting project ideas and how-tos especially for more free form designs and art quilts is at the Quilting Arts TV website.

Click here to see all the lists of videos available at Quilting Arts TV.

Here are several sources for free quilt paterns:


Very cool free quilt pattern, Double Cross by Pam Rocco.

Double Cross

I like Pam Rocco’s free quilt pattern for Pants Pocket!

Pants Pocket


This Flavalicious quilt is made using fat quarters of Bali batiks from Hoffman Fabrics.  Free pattern!

tutti frutti


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3 thoughts on “Quilt Block Bonanza”

  1. In our area, the new Quilt Peddler at Fennimore is offering a beginner quilting class beginning Saturday, June 4th 1-4pm… it will meet the first Saturday of each month for 5 months (except July it is moving to the second Saturday because of July 4th. Yes, Jill, I signed up for it!!

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