Pine Sol: The Wonder Drug

Pine Sol:  The Wonder Drug!

Carb-cleanin' time
cleanin’ time (Photo credit: aperture_lag)

Yes.  My sister actually said this the other day while we were cleaning up the house (frantically) preparing for our realtor’s first Open House showing our home for sale.

There really IS something about the smell of Pine Sol.  Even if you only mop one room, the whole house smells fresh and clean.

Another funny quote from that day is from my husband.  He told my sister, “In the grand scheme of things you are a net gain.”  (Yes, this passes for a compliment in my husband’s mind.  He once told me I am a “moderately competent amateur photographer.”  Gee, thanks, honey.)

Just before hearing this statement of personal affirmation from my husband, she (my sister) had — in the line of duty helping us clean and prep the house — spilled coffee, accidentally broken the fireplace grate, put the hose on the shop vac backwards and sprayed dust around the room, then took the vac outside and got it clogged up somehow, had a cat go spelunking in the duct work when she took a grate off to clean it, had a light bulb break off in the socket, and sprayed herself with water while trying to get bird poop off a second floor window.  (It took some pretty fancy flying and precise timing for that bird to accomplish this feat of poop placement!)  But hey, she was working hard getting a lot done and we were very happy to have her help.


We had a huge belly laugh the night before the open house.  My mom told me where she hid some of the stuff before our realtor had come to take the interior photos of our home.

Logo of the National Association of Realtors.
Logo of the National Association of Realtors. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The last hour or so before the realtor’s arrival was particularly frantic.  I had already announced that it was time to HIDE anything that remained unpacked and not needed immediately.  Time was ticking away at an extremely fast pace or so it seemed.  Fighting back panic, I handed my mom a bed pillow and said “hide this somewhere.”

Well, she did.
She told me later where she hid it and this is what gave us the huge belly laugh.  

She hid the pillow in an empty clothes basket outside in the back yard under a tree.  She very thoughtfully covered the pillow with a towel in case a bird happened to poop on the basket.  🙂  She also hid another basket of clean clothes out there!

I could not stop laughing.  I could barely breathe.  We all laughed and laughed as if this was the funniest thing we had ever heard.

Two laundry baskets, two cats.
Two laundry baskets, two cats. (Photo credit: oskay)

(It was difficult to find a photo with Zemanta of laundry baskets without either cats or small children!   No kidding.  I chose these two snuggly cats. )

What a day.  Who knew packing and cleaning could be so much fun?  HAH!  Good help is hard to find, but we had good help.

Maybe Pine Sol really is the Wonder Drug after all and that is what made us so silly-happy!?


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