Fuchsia or Fuschia?

I am usually pretty good at spelling.  (I humbly add that I was the 8th grade spelling champion at my Junior High School way back in the stone ages).

lovely fuchsia bougainvillea

I discovered tonight, though, that I have been spelling my favorite color wrong for a very long time!

I was posting some photos to Facebook from our fabulous trip to Turkey.  When it came time to add the descriptions, I Googled how to spell Bougainvillea.  Then I added the adjective “fuschia.” It had the little red wiggly line under it, so I thought maybe I should Google that word, too, even though I was fairly sure I had spelled the color correctly.

Up came a blog post entitled “Is it Fuchsia or Fuschia?”  I read the blog post and was surprised to find that I am not alone in my confusion!  Here is the link to the blog post.  In it you will find the answer to this tricky and confusing question.

I would be happy to hear if any of you are phantom fuchsia misspellers, too.


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9 thoughts on “Fuchsia or Fuschia?”

    1. I did not know that. In the post I refer to there is another helpful hint: “The botanist who made the discovery named the flower after a well-known German botanist Leonardo Fuchs. Thus, the word fuchsia. Now I have an easy way to remember the word: “Fuchs” with an “ia” tacked onto the end.” Thanks for reading my post and for commenting!

  1. I wear fuchsia lipstick nearly every day, but I sure had to look at the tube to see how it’s spelled…. I likely would have spelled it incorrectly!

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