Mini Ironing Board Tutorial

This is a really good idea for any quilter friends out there! I’m going to make one of these. Thank you to Measured and Slow blog for such a great post!

Measured and Slow

I’ve been doing a lot of paper piecing and scrappy blocks lately, which requires a lot of ironing. The way my sewing space is situated, there isn’t enough room to have the big ironing board next to my desk, so I have been having to get up and down to iron my blocks. This is okay when I’m doing just a little bit of piecing, but with paper piecing, that can mean getting up 12 or 15 times! My hip quickly let me know that this was not a situation that was going to last for long, so I started thinking of solutions, and what I ended up with is this:


Originally I was going to make just a mat that could be rolled up and put away when not in use, but I really just don’t have the space on my sewing table, especially when I’m in the middle…

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