The thingness of light: James Turrell

James Turrell, Houghton Skyspace
James Turrell, Houghton Skyspace (Photo credit: mira66)

“I want to look at light, rather than have light illuminate another thing,” says artist James Turrell. “I’m interested in the thingness of light itself, so that light is the revelation.”

“There is truth in light.”

English: James Turrels "Space that sees&q...

This guy BOUGHT A CRATER in Arizona and has been working to turn it into a work of art for the last 30 years!!

James Turrell

Satellite view of Roden Crater, the site of an...
Satellite view of Roden Crater, the site of an earthwork in progress by James Turrell outside Flagstaff, Arizona. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Two separate shots side-by-side looking up toward the ceiling in the middle of the Guggenheim Museum in New York during James Turrell’s light exhibition Aten Reign. cc license Shankbone

I have always been entranced by the color of light at different times of the day and how it illuminates the air itself (or so it seems at certain moments).  Monet, other Impressionists, and artists in general experimented (and still do!) with new techniques to attempt to capture light on canvas.  The best photographers are masters of capturing the nuances of light, shadow, color and contrast.

Here are a few of my attempts to capture light:

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In June 2009, my family went on a camping trip to Turkey Run State Park in Indiana.  We have been there dozens of times but this day was magical.  The fog had settled into the chasms and was lifting as the sun beams began to peek into the caverns.

Thankfully I captured several photos before I dropped my camera on the rocks and it landed in a small stream.  True story! My camera was relatively new and I had to spend part of the next day to go buy a new one because we were just starting our vacation.  But these photos and the fact that they somehow survived the death of my camera, more than made up for the loss in my opinion.  These are some of my favorite photos EVER that I have taken.

On the trail that day we talked with some people who said they had walked that trail usually about 2 times a week for at least the last 20 years  but they never saw the light like it was that misty morning.

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