Change (The Dismemberment Plan album)
Change (The Dismemberment Plan album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being the outsider is no fun.

It has only been two months.  I know.  I need to be patient.  I need to get out there and get involved.

But I’m tired of being invisible every where I go.

Patience is not one of my virtues.  At least not one that comes easily.

Downtown Platteville, Wisconsin from the corne...
Downtown Platteville, Wisconsin from the corner of Fourth and Main Streets (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When we moved to Platteville 17 years ago this fall, I inquired at the local quilt shop on Main Street to see if there might be a group in the area I could join.  I’ll never forget what the shop owner said to me: “There is a group here, but they don’t take outsiders.”

I nearly burst into tears on the spot.  I mumbled some sort of reply, and got out of there as quickly as I could — which wasn’t easy since I had my one year old son in a stroller and it was a cramped narrow store in an old brick building.

What a thing to say to someone who is obviously new and trying to make a connection!

Thankfully I found a quilt guild in a nearby town where I joined and became very active, rarely missing meetings for the next several years.  I developed dear friendships with many of these guild members and continue to go on retreats with this group.

Here I am.  Outsider status again.

On NPR this morning, I heard a piece about The Dismemberment Plan.  One of their songs is “Invisible:”

Invisible, yeah that’s me
Of course it gets a little lonely
Some day I’m gonna find my groove
What have I got to lose?

The Dismemberment Plan
The Dismemberment Plan (Photo credit: mehan)

I’m thankful I am not REALLY alone.  I’m thankful I have made a few friends here.  I’m VERY thankful I am have made a connection in the music world and will be the pianist for the local high school choir concert tonight.  The leaves are turning and yes — we are all healthy. Counting my blessings. The best remedy for loneliness and invisibility.

In the interest of thoroughness, you can read or listen to the NPR story here.


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4 thoughts on “Un-inspired”

  1. I remember you joining moms & tots in platteville …. It gets better … Remember how much I didn’t want to move here …you ‘ll get more comfortable

    1. Thanks, Clare! Moms and Tots was a lifeline those first few years, too, along with the quilt group. I didn’t miss a day of Moms and Tots for about 2 years I think. I’m thankful for that group and for the wonderful friends I still have from there; and I’m also thankful for facebook and cyberspace for keeping us in touch now that we are far apart.

    1. I’m feeling better this evening. I was having a little pity party for myself this morning, I guess. The concert this evening went really well and I love playing with the choirs here.

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