Top 10 List of Very Important Peeves

I read recently that many incredibly popular blog posts are lists.

Huh.  I thought.  I can make a list.

Mary GrandPré's illustration of Peeves.
Mary GrandPré’s illustration of Peeves. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s go with my Very Important Peeves:

1.  Paleo.  This word is over-used in the food world.  What the heck does it mean, anyway?  We don’t live in caves.  Get over it.

2.  The Fox Song.  Am I the only person who has no idea what the Fox song is? I’ve never heard it and plan to keep it that way.

3.  People who text and drive.  Stop it.  I can see you looking down at your phone.  We all can.  No, you are not multi-tasking. You are an accident waiting to happen.  Seriously.  Stop it now.

4.  New and Improved.  No product with this label is ever better than it was before.  If this phrase is used to describe a website or user interface of any sort — you are screwed.

5.  Customer Convenience.  Code words for this will take longer and make you annoyed.   Also see #4 above.

6.  My living room rug that looks like it hasn’t been vacuumed in three weeks less than 5 minutes after I vacuum it.  How does that even happen?  Do the cats have a lint gun under the couch they shoot off as soon as I go put the vacuum away?

7.  Pillows that go flat.  I don’t know how many pillows I buy in a year.  I am always hopeful they will stay fluffy and firm.  3 year warranty, 10 year warranty, lifetime warranty:  No difference. They always go flat.  Maybe I’m just a heavy sleeper.  (groan! pun intended).

8.  Spiders.

9.  Getting home with a product you had no intention of ever buying because you misread the label.  For instance:  Buying orange juice with calcium rather that just plain orange juice.  I know this doesn’t seem like a big problem.  It is, however, a peeve.

10.  Don’t even get me started on grammar:  their/there, your/you’re, to/too, saw/seen, it’s/its — well, you get the idea.

My #10. was going to be “Blog posts consisting of lists of random things” but I changed my mind.  I suddenly realized: I get it! This is kind of cathartic.  Maybe that is why there are so many lists in the blogosphere.    Plus, I had to have room for that grammar peeve.  That is HUGE!

English: Orange juice. Italiano: Succo d'aranc...
English: Orange juice. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 List of Very Important Peeves”

  1. Love the mind picture of cats shooting off lint guns from under the couch… I wore a brand new black skirt yesterday that had only been hanging in my closet. Before I even got in the car, there were white hairs all over it… Yes, a cat that is 3/4 white is never a good idea! Too late; we love him now!

    1. It is one of life’s great mysteries to be sure. Don’t even get me started on fur balls! We’ve been dealing with a bout of that lately at our house. GROSS! Good thing they are so cute, fuzzy, cozy and can purr.

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