A Week of Inspirations!

A Week of Inspirations!

March 9 to 15

I’ve fallen behind in my Joy 365 March Inspirations posts, so I decided to put this week into one big post of inspiration!

Sunday, March 9: Dubuque Symphony Youth Orchestra Concert

My son has played in this wonderful group for the last four years.  They have a very talented, energetic, and extremely enthusiastic conductor — Thomas Taylor Dickey.  On the program my dear friend, Rebekah Demaree, sang Morgen (by Strauss).  This was exceptionally wonderful because her daughter plays in the group, too.

Monday, March 10:  Job Interview(s)

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I have put my application in for several music teaching positions, and I had a couple of interviews on Monday.  It was inspiring to me because I love talking about teaching music, and I always enjoy seeing a new school building, classrooms, and meeting fellow educators.  Even if I don’t get the job(s), it is always good to be reminded of all the things I’ve done in the past and of all the possibilities for the future.

March 11, 12, 13, 14 —
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday:

Lots of MUSIC!

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I have many piano events going on this week:

  • My usual Milwaukee Children’s Choirs rehearsals — Tues and Wed evenings
  • Rehearsing with our local middle school 6th, 7th and 8th grade orchestras for their concert this Thursday evening — three times a day for two days, plus the actual concert.
  • Collaborating with local high school students for the upcoming district solo and ensemble festival this Saturday (about 10 vocal and string events) — several times a day about three days this week.

Working with young musicians always inspires me.  I love their humor, their enthusiasm, their trepidation and boldness.  I love hearing them play or sing from the heart.  Some are already SO talented at such a young age!

Saturday:  Solo and Ensemble District Festival

image from Platteville Music Boosters Facebook page

I can write this before Saturday because I already know what the day will be like.  There will be herds of young people moving up and down the halls.  Girls will be dressed in their uncomfortable finery — some sporting high heels that are clearly killing their feet.  Boys may have ties or tennis shoes, and sometimes both!  There will be smiles, laughter, tears and frustration.  There will be donuts, hot dogs and probably BBQ sandwiches. Some will perform better than they ever have (or ever will again), and some will make huge mistakes. Some who deserve twos will get ones, and some who deserve ones will get twos. Families and friends hover, chatting quietly, and move from room to room.  The tension and nerves of many performers is nearly tangible.  Scraps of conversations can be overheard:  “I got a one/two/one star!” “That judge is crazy/easy/hard/good/bad!” “The room is running way behind.” “Where is my accompanist/instrument/music/director/reed/room?”


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