March Inspirations: Another Week

Monday — Old Oak Tree

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I mentioned that I had a couple of job interviews last week.  I ended up getting both jobs!  One, being a sub for the local HS, I only got to  do for two days!  Because the other job will be as a long term music sub (K-8 general and vocal) for the rest of the school year.

I went Monday to the two elementary schools where I will be teaching to sign some papers, to see the buildings, and to meet some of the faculty/staff.  One of the schools is several miles away from the interstate on a country road.  From the outside, one can see the school was built onto an old brick one-room schoolhouse building. Outside the front door, a bit off to the side, is a huge ancient oak tree.  I stopped to take in its strength and silhouette.  I thought of all the students that tree has presided over — all of their comings and goings, all the days of learning and playing.  I felt a sense of “place,” of being rooted, and at that moment I was assured that once again, I will be where I belong, where I need to be right now in my life.

Tuesday  — Girls play “The Voice”

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At the end of the young girls’ choir rehearsal I accompany on Tuesday evenings, the girls were given a few minutes of free time because they had worked so hard to learn the new music.  The girls began playing “The Voice” and self selecting into groups of judges, performers, score keepers, and one girl who sat off to the side watching. It was so fun to watch them disappear into their imaginary world of play!  I enjoyed seeing them choose their roles, some switching roles several times, and that one girls who felt most comfortable sitting to the side watching the whole thing (with a shy smile on her face — I don’t think she was unhappy or upset — she just wanted to watch instead of be involved.)

Some girls were natural and instant leaders.
Some struggled to decide where they fit in.
Some felt comfortable in supporting roles.
Some tried several different approaches.
Some needed to have a friend by their side.
Some stood in the spotlight and sang, pouring out their heart and soul.
Some kept track of what everyone else was doing and tried to impose order on the chaos.
One watched with a shy smile.

I thought about how this “play” the girls created relates to grown-up lives. Hmmmmmm —-

Wednesday — Being the “Sub”

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I was subbing at the HS again on Wednesday.  I think my favorite moments are when I have conversations either with an individual student or a group of students that gets “real.”  I catch a glimpse of the “real” person behind their public persona, and/or they catch a glimpse of my “real” self.  I try to be genuine in all situations, but being a sub is a pretty artificial scenario so it often takes a bit of convincing and ice-breaking until any sort of tentative temporary relationship can be established.  I’m thankful when that happens.  Those moments are why I continue to “aspire to inspire!”

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Thursday — Another first day

Today I spent the day getting acquainted with the music teacher for whom I will be long-term subbing.  I met most of the students at one of the elementary school where I will be teaching.  The most common question I was asked by the students was, “Can you play the piano?”  🙂  Happily, my answer was an emphatic — “YES!”  It was a good day, and I’m looking forward to the joys and challenges of the weeks ahead.

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Friday — HUGE Smile

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At lunch (new music long term sub job school) — a student was recognized by one of the teachers with a good-bye cake.  She called the student up, and told everyone in the cafeteria that this would be his last day at their school.  On Monday, he would start school at ta new school.  She had a large sheet cake so that everyone could have a piece of cake to celebrate this student’s time at the school with them.  Everyone applauded and cheered. He had the HUGEST smile on his face. He was absolutely BEAMING.  (p.s.  The young man has Down Syndrome).


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