Freebies Found: Fun Fling!

Sometimes you CAN get something for nothing!

Here are some fun things I’ve found recently:

from‘s “about” page:

i first learned to sew alongside my mom, but lost interest in the craft until my early twenties when i got my own machine. over those last fifteen years, i’ve experimented with modern quilting, accessories and garment sewing, pattern design, hand-printed fabric, and textile design.

imagine gnats started as a little etsy shop, selling small sewn items to help support my family and also to give me a creative outlet in a corporate world. it’s come a long way in just five years… from a hobby to a full-time job. my love of sewing and design has grown as well, and now my own sewing patterns help and inspire others to create.

i am proud to have created patterns for garments that are easy to sew and easy to wear. imagine gnats patterns feature classic silhouettes with a modern twist that incorporate clever details and practical techniques.


Find all the freebies this site offers HERE:



Cerisy Skirt: Free pattern from imagine gnats.

Read the directions and make your own pattern HERE.


Another great freebie from this site:

Free quilt pattern!

Blog post HERE.

Download free pattern and tutorial HERE.

I’m bound and determined to knit again sometime soon.  I have yarn, needles and a project all picked out.  The free pattern is HERE.

Honest Warmth Shawl free pattern from Lion Brand Yarn

It is the “Honest Warmth Shawl” pattern from Lion Brand Yarns. I found the photo on Pinterest and tracked down the pattern.
You might need to create an account on the Lion Brand website in order to get to the patterns, though I think they have a “guest” route, too.

I really like this free printable:  It simply says “just begin.”  If you search around a bit, you can get other colors for the background.


I like this one, too.

viat Sarah Jane Studios, Sing your song free printable


This next one is pretty utilitarian, but there are SO MANY cool options!  Printable Paper.

1,352 papers you can download and print for free. We’ve got graph paper, lined paper, financial paper, music paper, and more. Printable Paper has been featured by LifeHacker, Kim Komando, Woman’s World magazine, and the Today Show.

For me, the music paper section is the most interesting.

This printable music paper (also known as manuscript paper or music staff paper) is available with various number of staves per page, in both page orientations, and in four paper sizes (legal, letter, ledger, and A4). Also available are chord charts and tablature paper.


Speaking of paper, I love pretty note cards and such.  You can find millions of free fonts, textures, and printables on Pinterest or by doing a Google search.  I found these great little cards from Coconut Cards.

Rreebie printable cards from Coconut Cards.  Follow the link above to download and print your own.
Rreebie printable cards from Coconut Cards. Follow the link above to download and print your own.

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