February Haiku Challenge: Sleeping in, Eating out, Eating in (and SNOW everywhere all the time!)

Feb 12

Sleep in:  late school start.
Why are we still behind time?
Some things never change.

image by Dauvit Alexander via Flickr CC
image by Dauvit Alexander via Flickr CC

Feb 13

Snowy drive ‘cross town
slip, sliding our way to YUM
Viet, Thai, Lao lunch

Vietnamese Beef Salad, Mekong Cafe LLC Milwaukee Lunch Buffet — Awesomely delicious!

Feb 14

Making what I want —
Not waiting, hungry to sit.
Valentines at home!

Valentine's Day roses
image by Philip (outdoorPDK) via Flickr CC

(See my food blog soon for tonight’s recipes!  Aunt Helen’s Ham Loaf, veggies stir-fry, Martha Stewart’s Molten Lava Cakes — The Heat is ON!)