Thoughts for the Journey

I didn’t grow up with Lent. I’m not sure I even really knew what Lent was until at least college, possibly even after college. After we moved to Wisconsin, however, we ended up being Lutherans. I learned more about what Lent was then, but I still always thought of it as more of a Catholic “thing.” But since I was an active organist/pianist during those years at the ELCA church, I was intimately involved in the service music for each season. As I played, I learned. I learned about the liturgical seasons and colors. I learned about special days like Christ the King, All Saints, Epiphany and more. (For instance, one perk of being the organist is that you sometimes get to eat the leftover communion bread — usually homemade! — and drink the wine since it can’t be thrown away.)

During the “Lutheran years” I learned to love Lent.

Lent is a journey.
It has never been about giving something up for me.
It isn’t about denial (in my opinion).
It is about seeking something out.
It is about the mysteries of grace and love.
It is about the people with whom we share this journey on earth.

One of my favorite movies is Chocolat. If you’ve never seen the movie, I won’t spoil it for you — but it does a wonderful job of letting us live one season of Lent through various people’s eyes in a small village in France. If you have time, I highly recommend watching it. I also highly recommend that you have some very good quality chocolate to eat while you watch it! You’ll see why.

I’m considering a couple of ways to honor this Lenten season.
I found them on Fat Pastor’s blog. One is taking 40 photos, one a day through Lent.

Photo a day for Lent — from UMC rethink church

The other is writing handwritten notes to people, also one a day for 40 days.
I will be behind on either choice, I’m sure — once I decide which to do.
That’s just how I roll.

Maybe I’ll do a little of each?

40 notes in 40 days from Fat Pastor blog