February Joys: 1

My goal this month is
to write at least one “Happi-
ness Haiku” each day.

image via Flickr CC by crazybobbles
image via Flickr CC by crazybobbles

Feb 1:
Cool, vintage storefront
Korinthian’s Violins
worth the snowy drive

Bejeweled violin
on display in the window,
pressed-tin ceiling painted white

Estate sale fiddle,
Green-light for creative craft.
Let it go!  Have fun.

Frozen flotsam flakes
at times falling as if poured,
then, every which way.

image by muscapix, via Flickr CC license
image by muscapix, via Flickr CC license

I visited a wonderful violin shop today.  I met the very interesting proprietor, Korinthia.  She is a violin maker and mother of three.  We chatted a bit while she looked at my daughter’s two violin bows and at the violin I found at an estate sale.  The verdict on all three was — not good enough to repair.

She told me her family was planning a road-trip vacation to Florida in the near future. Their mission is to collect as many Mold-a-Rama figures as they can on this trip.  How cool is that??

We borrowed three bows on loan from the shop so my daughter can try them out at home.  I can’t wait to go back to hear about the Mold-a-Rama road trip.

Interior of Korinthian Violins

Read K’s thoughts about the recent Milwaukee Strad theft here: Stealing Beauty from Us All.

I was going to post all the Haiku at the end of the month, but I just decided to post them as I am able.  Some may come every day, some may come in spurts. I’ve got to keep the creativity flowing and don’t want to be bogged down by rules (even if I am making the rules myself!)